IC integrates six MOSFET half-bridge outputs

IC integrates six MOSFET half-bridge outputs and two half-bridge gate motorists with defense and diagnostic features that increase security, simplify layout, and help you save space.To be a entire centralized answer for electronically driving car or truck locks from a body-control module (BCM), the L99UDL01 replaces numerous particular person motor drivers and related analog and passive factors while providing a lot more innovative performance.
Discover our half bridge driver, with excellent ruggedness and noise immunity, they are perfect for motor drives, home appliance and battery powered applications.The IC integrates a unique safety aspect that overrides standard operation in the function of the incident to aid make certain that initial responders may have entry to your motor vehicle. Introducing even further price are pWM output-current regulation and high-level diagnostics able of detecting in excess of current, open load, small to battery, and brief to floor. The load-integrity checks may be concluded with no actuating the load.
The 6 integrated MOSFET 50 % bridges can be connected independently or as two channels containing approximately 3 50 % bridges in parallel to share higher-current hundreds. The output MOSFETs are absolutely guarded and have lower RDS(ON) to boost electricity efficiency and simplicity thermal administration. Essential parameters are adjustable to make sure optimum efficiency, such as the on-time period, off-state fault detection, and output-current magnitude and way. The programmable current restrict lets designers reduce stress on door-lock motors to improve trustworthiness.
The two half-bridge gate drivers greatly enhance overall flexibility by allowing designers to connect their selection of N-channel MOSFETs or Smart Energy products to manage more high-powered loads. The drivers integrate active recirculation that minimizes power dissipation. Safety to the exterior energy gadgets can also be built-in, including drain-source current monitoring and off-state fault detection.
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The STMicroelectronics L99UDL01 automotive universal door-lock